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Erik and Faye on the Appalachian Trail in Tennessee.

Aqua Terra has grown out of our love of purely excellent massage.

It started back in 2001 when we left our former careers and jumped into the new profession of massage. We met while studying at the East-West College of the Healing Arts. Erik, coming from a career in forestry, has a great love of natural sciences. Faye had been a technical writer and web designer. Both having science-focused bachelor degrees, we were intrigued with the idea of merging the scientific with the energetic through massage.

In 2003, we created a beautifully subdued, comforting and relaxing space where friends and loved ones can unwind together. It is an honor for us to work with you on supporting your well-being. We give our best to every one of you.

We are both nationally certified and Oregon State licensed. Educated at East-West College of the Healing Arts (2002), we continually develop our skills to give you uniquely-focused, high-quality hands on therapies.

Erik Krippner

Erik works in a deep, meditative way that brings you into a peaceful state while receiving incredible structural work.

He has helped to create dramatic structural changes in many of his clients. Erik is very knowledgeable in anatomy and physiology. His gentle, compassionate personality and excellent massage skills have made him a well-known therapist here in Portland. Erik grew up in New Orleans and has a Bachelor of Science in Forestry from Louisiana State University. Prior to massage, he worked as a forester for over a decade.


Faye Krippner

Faye skillfully uses a variety of sensitive techniques that relax deep tissues. Her exacting touch is intuitively aware and is capable of impressive depth.

Faye is skilled in pregnancy massage as well as massage for new mothers. Her nurturing, sweet nature helps others feel at ease while her listening skills ensure a massage that meets your needs. A native Portlandian, she received a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics with a minor in German from the Honors College at the U of O. She worked in the high-tech industry for ten years before being drawn into the healing arts.

What We Like To Do

Cannon beach
Cannon beach
Mt. Hood
Mt. Hood
Mt. Hood in summer
Mt. Hood in summer
Wildflowers on Mt. Hood
Wildflowers on Mt. Hood
Sunset at Cape Lookout
Sunset at Cape Lookout
Sunrise on Mt. Hood
Sunrise over Mt. Hood

We have enjoyed spending time on the water and in the mountains. Sea kayaking is one of our great loves. With adventures in the San Juans and around the world, we have also kayaked the entirety of the tidal-influenced Columbia River, and the Willamette from Champoeg Park to the Columbia.

In 2012, we backpacked 1600 miles on the Appalachian Trail, starting in Northern Georgia and finishing in Vermont. We used Vibram five-finger shoes for the first 1250 miles, which gave us a lot of knowledge of the feet and muscular balance in the legs and hips.

We also love fishing, sailing, camping and cross-country skiing, basically anything that brings us outdoors in this beautiful Pacific wonderland.

People We've Met Along the Way

The Jasmine Pearl

Chuck Bauman and Heather Agosta are the owners of Jasmine Pearl, a purveyor of fine teas. They introduced us to the joy of excellent herbal and green teas. We enjoy visiting The Jasmine Pearl's tasting room and tea shop, where we always learn something new and try their new blends.

Reform Pilates

We have been working out at Reform Pilates and Movement for over ten years, and are impressed with the quality of instruction they give. Their trainers are very knowledgeable about the body and the anatomy of movement, and are still introducing us to new concepts and new exercises.

Aleda Fitness

Aleda Fitness opened in Northwest Portland in 2011 and is a bright new concept in cooperative exercise. Christine and Andrea Wilborn are the owners of Aleda, and have created a fun, interactive, and kind place for people to work out together and cheer each other on toward their fitness goals.

Zell's Cafe

Zell's is a southeast Portland breakfast tradition. This restaurant is a must try if you're looking for a great brunch or lunch! Only a few blocks from our studio, we enjoy going over for breakfast.